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What is Usability Testing?

Also known as UX Testing, it is a technique to evaluate a product by testing it with the intended users. Usability Testing is an irreplaceable usability practice, as it gives direct input on how real users use your product.

UT benefits

Why Usability Testing?

Identifying problems in the design of the product or service
Uncovering opportunities to improve
Learning about the target user’s behavior and preferences

How does it work?

There are many different types of usability testing, but the core elements are the facilitator, the tasks, and the participant

• The facilitator briefs the tasks to the participant. 
• As the participant performs these tasks, the facilitator observes the participant’s behavior and listens for feedback. 
• The facilitator may also ask follow up questions to elicit detail from the participant. 

UT components
UT Session

What are the benefits?

• Usability testing session is a great way to watch how users actually use your product.
• We can measure whether users are able to complete a set of tasks when using your product and what problems they faced. 
• The entire session is recorded for further analysis, such as measuring how long they take to do a task, what is their satisfaction level when using your product, what are their pain points and suggestions. 

1. Recording of the laptop/mobile screen along with the users' voice 
2. Analysis and Report of the issues and suggestions for improvement 

What can be tested?

• Websites (Desktop, Mobile, Tablet)
• Apps (Desktop, Mobile, Tablet)
• Wireframes & Prototypes
• Softwares 
• Games
• Physical shop environment (from prototype to the final design before public launch)

UT devices

Types of Usability Testing

In-Person Usability Testing

In-person UT workflow

• Duration: 1 hour 
• Conduct the user study in our test lab or we can set up a mobile test lab at your office

Remote Moderated Usability Testing

Remote UT workflow

• Duration: 30-60 minutes
• Conduct the user study online

No Test Lab? No Problem!

NX test lab

Our UX Lab

Our User Testing Facility is equipped with a one-way mirror, and an observation room.

We are located at UOA Business Park at Shah Alam, which has a direct pedestrian bridge to the Subang Jaya LRT and KTM station. This allows users and clients to travel to our test lab easily via public transport. 

Temporary test lab

Your Office

We can set up a temporary test lab at your office. This way, you and your product team can observe the sessions at your convenience! 

Need User Recruitment Services?
We've got you covered!

We can help to recruit the users. Just drop us the recruitment criteria in the form below and we'll take care of the rest! 
Our respondent recruitment team will help you to schedule in-person usability test and remote research interviews with your targeted participants. 

Netizen Experience

is an award winning UX research & strategy consulting firm in Asia, aspires to improve experience of the world by empowering everyone to build user-centric products through our innovation tools & approaches. We've been providing expertise to enterprises in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam & Phillipines. 

Clients Testimonials

It was eye opening to see how a bit of User Experience (UX) testing can find major problems with a website. You did a great job demonstrating how something simple like a menu may seem so obvious to us, but can quite confusing or annoying to everyone else.

Now I realize that I need to do some UX testing in order to understand how I can keep my customers happy.

Toby Patterson, Moolah E-Commerce Executive Director

The customer is king. What we as owners thought, was really not what our readers wanted or liked.

They did a great job getting real asian users to usability test our site with their video feedback technology. We now have a better idea where to focus on our technology resources in order to develop stuff our readers really want!

Pramesh Chandran, Malaysiakini Founder & CEO

Thank you Netizen for helping us with a usability testing project to get better understanding with how users use our iProperty Android & iPhone apps.

The feedback and post-analysis provided was valuable in shaping how we approached a new redesign of our native apps and mobile web site.

Michael Ong, iProperty UX Lead

They are agile and have great ability to work around problems on the testing days. It was my first time seeing how real customers use our platform and it gave me a lot of unique insights into how our customers use our platform and how we can make it better for them.

This help to achieve a lot of quick wins. I would recommend them anytime.

Peter Wong, iCar Asia Group Product Manager

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